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Composition of the website
In the early days, domain names, spatial servers and programs were the basic components of websites. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the composition of websites became more and more complex. At present, most websites are composed of domain names, spatial servers, DNS domain name resolution, website procedures, databases and so on.
domain name
域名(Domain Name),是由一串用点分隔的字母组成的Internet上某一台计算机或计算机组的名称。用于在数据传输时标识计算机的电子方位(有时也指地理位置),域名
Domain Name is the name of a computer or group of computers on the Internet, which consists of a series of dot-separated letters. Used to identify the computer's electronic location (sometimes geographic location) and domain name in data transmission
已经成为互联网的品牌、网上商标保护必备的产品之一。通俗的说,域名就相当于一个家庭的门牌号码,别人通过这个号码可以很容易的找到你。以一个常见的域名为例说明,baidu网址是由二部分组成,标号“baidu”是这个域名的主域名体,而最后的标号“com”则是该域名的后缀,代表的这是一个com国际域名,是顶级域名。而前面的www.是网络名, 为www的域名。
It has become one of the indispensable products for Internet brand and online trademark protection. Generally speaking, a domain name is equivalent to a family's door number, through which others can easily find you. Taking a common domain name as an example, the Baidu website is composed of two parts. The label "Baidu" is the main domain name of the domain name, while the last label "com" is the suffix of the domain name, representing a com international domain name and a top-level domain name. The previous www. is the network name, the domain name of www.
DNS stipulates that the labels in domain names are composed of letters and numbers in English. Each label does not exceed 63 characters and does not distinguish between upper and lower case letters. No punctuation except hyphens (-) can be used in labels. The lowest level domain name is written on the leftmost side, while the highest level domain name is written on the rightmost side.
Common Web Site Space: Virtual Host, Virtual Space, Independent Server, Cloud Host, VPS.
Virtual host is to divide a certain disk space on the network server for users to place sites, application components, etc. It provides necessary site functions, data storage and transmission functions. The so-called virtual host, also known as "website space", is to divide a server running on the Internet into several "virtual" servers. Each virtual host has its own domain name and complete Internet server (supporting WWW, FTP, E-mail, etc.). Virtual host is the gospel of network development, which greatly promotes the application and popularization of network technology. At the same time, the rental service of virtual hosts has become a new economic form in the network era. The rental of virtual hosts is similar to that of houses.
VPS refers to virtual private servers, which is the technology of partitioning a server into multiple virtual independent proprietary servers. Each virtual independent server using VPS technology has its own independent public network IP address, operating system, hard disk space, memory space, CPU resources, etc. It can also install programs, restart servers and other operations, exactly the same as running an independent server.
program source code
The program is the programming language used to construct and modify the website, and the source code is a pile of words and symbols written in a certain format.
"For example, on this page, right-click the mouse, choose to view the source file, come out of a notepad, the content is the source code of this page." This sentence reflects their relationship, where the source file refers to the source code of the web page, and the source code is the content of the source file, so it can be called the source code of the web page.
Source code refers to the original code, which can be any language code.
Assembly code refers to code compiled from source code, usually binary files, such as DLL, EXE,. NET intermediate code, JAVA intermediate code, etc.
高级语言通常指C/C++ 、 BASIC、C# 、JAVA、PASCAL 等等  汇编语言就是ASM,只有这个,比这个更低级的就是机器语言了。
High-level languages usually refer to assembly languages such as C/C++, BASIC, C#, JAVA, PASCAL and so on. ASM is the only assembly language. Machine language is the lower level than this.
Browsers are like compilers of programs, which help us translate the source code into what we see.